Your golf game

If you are serious about your golf game then you need to make a commitment to improving your game, however, this is all dependent on your personal commitments and time that you have available to achieve your goal in improving your game – once you have done that then we will be able to set out a plan to improve your golf game, here are a few suggestions to help you with what you want out of your golf game!

  • Why do you play golf? Is it for exercise, social golf or competitive golf?
  • Set an achievable goal where you want to be in 6 to 12 months time? 
  • Are you willing to practice regularly dependent on personal time available? 
  • Are there areas of your game that need improving? 
  • There are always strong and weak points in all golfers games
  • You need to know the importance of 120 yards and into the green
  • What is your bunker play like? Do you struggle in this area?
  • How strong mentally are you?

If you can answer honestly to these questions then you might be on the right path to improving your game with some help from Michael @ Your Golf Coach

Your Golf Coach