New to golf

If you are new to golf then you need to not only learn the skills and techniques of how to play the game but also the rules and etiquette involved in playing the game. Here are some areas to consider to get you started and on the right track if you are serious about getting into this great game.

New to Golf - Clubs and golf balls

How to swing a golf club

To enable you to do this you must commit to taking regular coaching lessons from an experienced teacher/instructor, this must be someone who can communicate well to their students, who have been trained to teach the game and who can also play to a high standard themselves. Mastering the first stage on how to swing a club properly is an achievement in itself with so many components of the swing to take on board from the offset when starting out.

Golf swing basics

Keeping the fundamentals in mind is of the utmost importance in the early stages of learning the game if you never let go of the golf swing basics, you never have to go back for them in the future! Golf is not a sport that makes logical sense, nor is it a sport that you can figure out on your own even though you may have played other sports to a high level in the past. Being good at other sports doesn’t necessarily mean it will make you a good golfer.

New to Golf - golfer in sand bunker

Golf swing technique

Properly structured coaching lessons are the way to go from the start, you will learn the correct golf swing technique from the beginning and it will enhance and improve your game now and into the future, supervised and intelligent coach instruction can help you avoid the pitfalls of learning to play the game on your own and creating bad habits that could and will take years to break away from.

How to play golf for beginners

As will all golfers new to the game of golf you need to learn to walk before you can run, so my process for teaching how to play golf for beginners has always been learning to do the easier parts of the game first, possibly start off with putting, then onto chipping and pitching of the golf ball then finally onto full swinging of a club smoothly on a driving range, this will certainly iron out any bad habits from the start.

New to Golf - golfer in bunker

Simple golf swing

As with all sports, you must get into a habit of stretching and warming up before you practice or play, using 2 or 3 iron clubs altogether and using a simple golf swing slowed down will not only warm up and stretch your muscles it will also get that feeling of muscle memory of keeping the swing smooth and on plane, remember with muscles and flexibility – ‘what you don’t use, you lose’. Also, when you are starting out in golf try and avoid a full 18 hole golf course, build up to a full 18 holes slowly and play a 9 hole course initially, this will not only help your short game from around the 100-yard distance it will also help you with learning the basic rules of the game.

New to Golf - golfer on tee box

Basic rules of golf

These are just a few basic rules of golf (mainly etiquette) to start off with to get you going but the ones that mean the most to seasoned/regular playing golfers:

  1. Arrive early for your tee off time
  2. Always keep up with the group in front of you, if you are playing slowly then allow the group following to play through then continue on with your game
  3. Shouting, screaming or any loud noises are a definite no, you need to be considerate to all players on the course, not just your own group
  4. Be quiet and do not move around when other players are playing within your group
  5. Turn off your mobile phone, if you need to take a phone call then you shouldn’t be playing in the first place
  6. Never walk over the ‘line’ of someones putting line on the putting green, just walk around and be considerate of their game
  7. Mark your ball on the putting green with a coin or something similar, something flat and circular is ideal
  8. Always wear the correct attire when playing so you need to check with the course what is correct attire before play, jeans and collarless shirts are a definite no
  9. Play with the same golf ball at all times and clearly identify your golf ball before playing, don’t just hit the first ball you come across especially on another fairway
  10. Identify your ball and then once you have identified it as your ball then proceed with play.

Also, when you are new to the game try and play with better golfers than you, this will not only rub off on your game but also help you with the etiquette, rules and history of the game, plus you will be expanding your friends in general as well – doing this will automatically make you feel part of the game, part of the golf club and the sense of being a part of the community.

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