Golf Swing Analysis – Get your golf swing analysed by a professional golf instructor and also receive a report on how to improve your game quickly with effective golf lesson/practice tips – 100% satisfaction guaranteed

How to improve a golf swing - 100% guaranteed

Are you tired of having lessons and not getting anywhere?

Are you a golfer that wants to improve but doesn’t quite understand the golf jargon your golf coach is telling you and is too embarrassed to ask what they really mean?

Are you a golfer that wants to skip the technical jargon and really wants to get quick fixes for your game?

Then getting your golf swing analysed online just be what you have been looking for to improve your game!

The online golf swing analysis/lesson is just two easy steps away.

It will require a handheld mobile phone with inbuilt video camera ideally when you are swinging a 7 iron or a driver – maximum 10 seconds per video recording

Step One

Record a video of your golf swing from 2 angles with a 7 iron or driver, face on and down the line, please refer to images below.

Please note: In both angles the club head should never be out of the video recording during the swing, but don’t stand too far away. The more lighting the better, bright sunlight is best but not essential. Camera can be between 3 and 6 feet off of the ground. The more ball flight information you can send along with your video the better.

Please also add a photo of your golf grip.

Some additional information would certainly help Your Golf Coach to deliver a first class lesson/analysis (optional but preferred):

  1. What is current handicap or average score over 18 holes?
  2. Best score you have had over 18 holes?
  3. Which club is your most favoured club in the bag?
  4. What sort of shot shape do you normally have?
  5. Do you have any current triggers/swing thoughts before you swing the golf club?
  6. Have you had a golf lesson before?

Please email this information along with your video once you have paid for the service of your choice.

Step Two

Pay for your required option for either an 24 hour delivery, 36 hour delivery (Most popular choice) or 72 hour delivery securely through Pay Pal or through the credit or charge card of your choice: 

Then email your video, photo of golf grip and additional information to

Face On – Facing the player (Illustration below)

Down the Line – From behind the player (Illustration below)

If you have any questions prior to booking in your video golf swing analysis then email me on  

Golf Swing Analysis Golf Swing Analysis


Here are a couple of testimonials from satisfied customers who have had their golf swing analysed by Your Golf Coach:

I have been playing golf for 20 years or so with a few lessons at the beginning which helped my basics. I developed my own bad habits and with inconsistency, I plateaued at between 16—20 handicap. I have found being able to watch my swing on the screen invaluable and with the advice given it really made sense allowing me to make adjustments that I understood. It has given me a renewed enthusiasm for the game – Greg Bewsher How to improve a golf swing - 5 Star RatingRating

I have been playing for about two years now and I was self-taught from the beginning. I wish I had used this service from the offset because I never really gave it much thought until I had my golf swing analysed on video. My understanding of exactly what I should be doing has changed dramatically now. Setting myself up correctly from the start of each shot, my game has improved no end, all thanks to Your Golf Coach – Paul Corsini How to improve a golf swing - 5 Star RatingRating

Your Golf CoachHow to improve a golf swing - 100% guaranteed


Video of Golf Swing

Most golfers over the years have taken videos of their golf swing but only a few really understand on how to improve their golf swing from watching the content, having your golf swing analysed by a professional golf instructor will give you that insight that you have been looking for to improve your game.

Videos senior golf swing

The majority of golfers who play golf more than three times per week are generally retired or senior golfers, even at this age it is always worth having a professional golf coach to look at videos of a senior golfers golf swing – they have the time, the money and the patience to put into motion little improvements into their golf game.

YouTube golf lessons

We have all got online and watched YouTube golf lessons, but my answer to that is ‘too much information is a bad thing’, what you need to understand is that there are millions of golfers around the world with millions of different golf swings, so not one golf coach can you an indicative answer to solve your problems with your golf game – having you swing analysed by a qualified golf coach with unbiased feedback will do!

You Tube golf instruction videos

This is really the same as the previous statement about golf lessons on YouTube, YouTube golf instruction videos can be of a benefit to all golfers if you clearly understand how to implement them, without a clear knowledge of the basic golf swing watching hours of videos online will not solve your problem it will only confuse and hinder your improvement, if anything find a golf coach online that you can relate to and stick to one opinion not hundreds!

YouTube golf swing

We have all watched those video clips of the perfect YouTube golf swing, the majority of those we have admired are that of touring golf professionals who play on either the PGA Tour or the European Tour not of you everyday golfer, these types of videos are perfect if you are able to copy and emulate the swing of the golf swing you are watching but unfortunately 99% of golfers are not able to emulate what they are watching – having a trained and qualified eye look at your swing will definitely improve your game.

YouTube golf instruction

Since the inception of video tutorials online especially through the platforms of YouTube and Vimeo we have all jumped online to try and become the next Rory or Tiger in the space of a few hours of viewing them, unfortunately the game of golf doesn’t work like that. We as human beings have the ability to either learn by visually watching something or either reading and technically learning something, you firstly have to figure which type you are? I personally am a visual learner, show me what you want me to do and I will try and emulate it whether it is a sport or trade, I am a visual learner so what are you?

YouTube golf swing lessons

In a nutshell all of the above gets rolled into one thing now, do you want to improve your golf game by learning the proper way or do you want to be confused by all of the YouTube golf swing lessons online? if you seriously want to improve your golf game then get a professional golf coach to analyse your golf swing either in person or online and stop being distracted by so called golf swing guru’s online. Golf swing video analysis is cheap and cost effective so getting your golf swing analysed online might just work for you and your golf game.

How to improve your game!

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