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Video Golf Swing Analysis

Video golf swing analysis is not new to the market. Especially with the increase of today’s technology and built-in high definition video cameras, thus enabling everyday golfers the capability of videoing their own golf swing. But being able to improve your swing just by looking at a video clip of yourself is where the difficulty sometimes comes in, and that’s where a trained certified golf coach can assist you at an affordable price – even the best players in the world rely on video analysis.

How to swing a golf club step by step

Having a trained certified golf coach analyse your golf swing and give you honest and constructive feedback on where the problems lie, will give you the information you need to know to get your swing on plane and striking the golf ball better. Once you have honed those basic swing patterns you can then be sure you are improving your game and not hindering it by making the same old mistakes over and over again.

Proper golf swing mechanics

So if you want to hit the golf ball properly and consistently, you need to understand the mechanics behind the golf swing. Are you taking the club back properly? Is your posture correct? Are you aligned correctly to the target? Are you flexing your knees? Are you using the correct golf grip to suit your game? Are you distributing your weight correctly? – The list is endless I’m sure you would agree!

Your Golf Swing - five swing positions

So the next question is would you be willing to invest the cost of a dozen golf balls to get your golf swing analysed on video and then sent back to you within 48 hours? If the answer is yes then you are going to get honest and constructive feedback (possibly some negative feedback as well), but you need to understand that any form of professional feedback is going to enhance and help your game.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player this analysis will improve your game

Whether you are a beginner looking for simple instructions to start your golf journey or an experienced player hungry for improvement, you’ve found the right golf coach. We are dedicated to help you with all aspects of your golf game and to reach your goals. If you are still contemplating about whether this service can be of help for your game then read some satisfied customers recent comments below.


Here is a couple of testimonials from satisfied customers who have had their golf swing analysed by Your Golf Coach:

How to improve a golf swing - 100% guaranteed

I have been playing golf for 20 years or so with a few lessons at the beginning which helped my basics. I developed my own bad habits and with inconsistency, I plateaued at between 16—20 handicap. I have found being able to watch my swing on the screen invaluable and with the advice given it really made sense allowing me to make adjustments that I understood. It has given me a renewed enthusiasm for the game – Greg Bewsher How to improve a golf swing - 5 Star RatingRating

I have been playing for about two years now and I was self-taught from the beginning. I wish I had used this service from the offset because I never really gave it much thought until I had my golf swing analysed on video. My understanding of exactly what I should be doing has changed dramatically now. Setting myself up correctly from the start of each shot, my game has improved no end, all thanks to Your Golf Coach – Paul Corsini How to improve a golf swing - 5 Star RatingRating

If you are now ready to book in your golf swing analysis then follow these steps below to get the process underway.

Step 1 – Take a short video of your golf swing, putting stroke, or a specific part of your game that you would like to fix. The face on (facing the player) and down the line (from behind the player) is the best angle for recording your swing. Video clip should be no longer than a few seconds – a maximum of 10 seconds is sufficient – video taken using landscape mode is the preferred choice but portrait mode works too.

Face On – Facing the player (Illustration at bottom of page)

Down the Line – From behind the player (Illustration at bottom of page)

We have three options to choose from the first being £15.99 for one golf swing video to be analysed or the second option of £24.99 for two videos to be analysed, the two video option is where you could possibly get a golfing partner or friend to get it done together to save on cost, so you can both get your swing analysed at the same time and then work on your improvements together, either way, you can select the option that suits your needs.

And the ultimate option at £64.99 where you can buy the five golf swing video analysis (works out at £12.99 per analysis) and use them over the course of 3 months – this enables you to work on any adjustments or changes and submit at your leisure.

Step 2 – Click on PayPal link below to make your payment and place your order

Step 3 – You will receive your video golf swing analysis within 48 hours. You will also receive instructions and recommendations on how to improve your golf game which may include examples of drills, correct positions or teaching aids.

Golf Swing Video Analysis
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Illustrations of a Face On (Facing the player first image) video and Down the line (from behind the player)

Golf Swing Analysis Golf Swing Analysis

Your Golf CoachHow to improve a golf swing - 100% guaranteed

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