Michael Baker – Biography

Certified Professional Golf Coach and an accredited member of the USGA along with the National Registry of Professional Golf Instructors, also a certified video golf swing analysis coach – with 25 years of experience gained in the UK, Australasia and the Far East coaching students from beginners to scratch level ability golfers.

His desire to understand and perfect the golf swing has made him an outstanding student of the game as well, his mental approach, philosophy and expertise at incorporating a warm-up routine and preparation programme into golf instruction which has made him an extraordinary teaching professional.

Michael gives you a new innovative perspective when learning golf, combines a practical but humorous approach to each individual lesson whether it be in person or an online golf swing analysis, his friendly and open-minded persona suits all types of students and helps to put you in a relaxed mood for lessons.

His understanding of the golf swing and his calm approach enables him to patiently instruct beginning and novice golfers in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Michael provides both one on one and group instruction to all age levels and ensures that his students learn how to play golf as well as the etiquette of the beautiful game of golf.

Has coached and trained many individual golfers to reach their full potential, turning high teen handicap golfers into low single figure golfers and also making many long term students and friends along the way.

Has worked at many golf facilities, golf courses and resorts along the way, working in an exclusive golf resort in the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, taking training camps in metropolitan Auckland, New Zealand, worked in many pro shops so also has the knowledge of correct modern club fitting methods to ensure that his students are using the correct equipment for their golf game.

Played competitive golf with many PGA Tour players and also Major trophy winners during his playing career. He has also played in many golf tournaments in the UK and worldwide including Australia and New Zealand.

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